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“Photo credit: Annie Leibovitz. Emily Dickinson’s only surviving dress at the Amherst Historical Society in Amherst, Mass. Courtesy of Random House via The New York Times.” (http://flavorwire.com/253174/personal-photographs-by-annie-leibovitz-without-the-celebrities#5)

A photograph from American photographer Annie Leibovitz’s new book Pilgrimage.

From the New York Times : “Pilgrimage opens with shots of Emily Dickinson’s house that Ms. Leibovitz took, casually, while in Amherst, Mass., on a family visit. She visited the house next door, which belonged to Dickinson’s brother, Austin. ‘Austin’s house was a revelation. You could feel the people who had lived there. Austin’s young son had died in one of the small bedrooms, and I found that I couldn’t walk into it.'” (http://www.nytimes.com/2011/10/30/opinion/sunday/annie-leibovitzs-pilgrimage.html?_r=1&pagewanted=all)

I had to venture one last – even meager – shout out to Emily Dickinson. Leibovitz’s image of Dickinson’s dress may not seem like an exceptional picture. But I can’t help feeling unsettled by it, by the closeness of the camera lens to the subject, because though the dress is most likely kept on a dressmaker’s mannequin, it looks as if a human, Dickinson even, was wearing it as Leibovitz snapped the picture.

– Joe