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Canadian actor, Christopher Plummer, has just been awarded his first Academy Award for his role in the impressive film Beginners, written and directed by Mike Mills and based on Mills’s experience with his own father who, following the death of Mills’s mother, admitted he was gay, had been gay his entire life, and then, shortly thereafter, discovered he too was dying.

Christopher Plummer is 82 years old.

Plummer has performed at the Stratford Festival, on Broadway, and in Hollywood, and he is widely-remembered for his role as Captain George vonn Trapp in The Sound of Music (1965).

Well, here’s footage of Plummer speaking of Eugene O’Neill and then effortlessly, uncannily slipping into a performance as James Tyrone, Sr., in Long Day’s Journey into Night. It is, for lack of words capable of proper praise, arresting.


And here’s the trailer for Mills’s Beginners, just because.


– Joe